Wow- what a bittersweet time!  The excitement of an adventurous summer is building, yet so is the time to say good bye to our class.  I have spent hours a day with these kids.  I love their sense of humor, their ability to cooperate with one another, the way they look for ways to be helpful and their hard working nature. 

To the parents who are reading- thank you for intrusting me with your child for 7 hours during the day.  Thank you for all your support at home and all your open communication.  We really are a team.

To the students who are reading-  I am going to miss you in such a colossal way, you have no idea!  It is kids like you that allow me to LOVE my job.  Please, come visit me next year and for fluency practice come read a book to my new third graders!

Here is a challenge for the students-  Whenever you think of it this summer, come on here and comment on this post.  Tell us of your adventures, your travels, funny things that happened to you, sad things that happened.  It can be a sentence.  It can be a paragraph.  It can be a whole story.

And, I will do the same. 

This will give us a way to keep in touch over the summer.

Love you guys!
Mrs. Ellis