We just finished the story The Jones Family Express by Javaka Steptoe today.  While we enjoyed the incredible illustrations and the rich story, we practiced making inferences.  When students have to make inferences, they are being asked to put many clues together from the story and their personal experiences to answer a question.  Because good authors show and not tell, students often have to infer.  Authors don't just want to write "the girl is sad."  They would rather show their readers by writing, "big splashy tears ran down the girl's cheeks and landed in a pool on the table as she looked at her lifeless dog."
    Inferring is definitely a higher level thinking and because of this, students are not able to go back into the text and highlight the exact answer.  The answer comes from putting many pieces of the text together with their own knowledge.  Students have to also explain evidence of their answers.  How do you know the girl is sad?  What evidence do you have?
    Have your child retell you the story of The Jones Family Express and then have them check out this website that helps with our vocabulary words.



04/13/2012 4:47pm

it was a good book

04/16/2012 7:38am

hey Trey.it was a good book,

megan b
04/19/2012 10:02am

i loved it!

04/22/2012 12:40pm

me too

04/28/2012 10:53am

Nice complment

04/28/2012 10:51am

It was good.


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